Eddited Customizer

r/eddited is a subreddit theme I built to be as customizeable as possible. I realize that not everyone's tastes are my own, so you can tweak things to your liking.

Use the navigation links on the left to go to any section you would like! You can also use the preset loader in the top right to choose various starting points.

Each tab comes with a preview to help you visualize the changes you are making before you put them live on a subreddit.


General Colors
Primary Colors
Link Colors


{{ text_header_box }} Your Message Here! (From Sidebar)
Submenu Fade
Only shows the "All / Front / Subreddits" bar on hover
Expanded Header
Enables an expanded header area above the content.
Use a header background image. (named "header") Makes the header image scroll left. Only show the scrolling background image on hover.
Turns the "hot/new/top" tabs into a dropdown.
Announcement Box
Add " # Your Message Here " at the top of your sidebar.


Adds a border around the content of the page.
Show NSFW thumbnails. (For NSFW subs.)


4 {{ text_here_now }}
100 {{ text_subscribers }}
Show a sidebar image. (named "sidebar") Put the Submit Text/Link buttons on one line.

Compile Theme

Rough Sketch

{{ text_header_box }} Your Message Here! (From Sidebar)
4 {{ text_here_now }}
100 {{ text_subscribers }}

Export Settings

This is a copy of all the settings you have configured.

Copy this, save it in a text file, and use it to import your settings.

{{ exported }}

Import Settings

You should have a text file saved containing your previously used settings.

Paste your text file contents here to import them.